New Sailwave User Group (SUG) Forum

The Sailwave user forum has been in use for about 19 years. Unfortunately last month Yahoo decided to no longer host any user information. Emails can still be sent to registered members of the user group but that is all.
I’ve set up a new much more modern forum (Discourse) which is recognised as being one of the best forum software’s available, and imported all the posts from Yahoo that they supplied when I requested the information (There may be a few recent ones missing) But you can quickly search all the useful information in the posts of the last years.

I appreciate it is different but once you are used to it I’m sure you will appreciate it as being far better than the old software.

You will need to register on the new group to be able to post ( But don’t need to register to read ) If you register you will also get a weekly summary if you haven’t recently visited the Forum so please register. If you use the same email address as the on the old forum all your old posts will be attributed to you.
You can change the summary you receive from the default of weekly to daily or hourly or even monthly if you prefer.

You can also reply to posts by email if you are registered. So please register

To Access the New forum please select the support option on the main menu of the Sailwave web site
Please use this to access the forum as the hosting of the forum may change in the future

There is a category Site Feeback on the forum - let me know what you think there.