New version available 1.39

Version 1.39 is available from the Download page of
Changes include support for very long file paths, an ISAF SCHRS rating
calculator, optional statistical columns when publishing races, a new and
improved toolbar, two new race fields: Course and Average Wind Strength (the
latter as required for PN USSA returns), facilities to publish straight into
Excel and Word, tool to import (merge) a Sailwave series, other minor
enhancements and fixes. See the Change History on the web site for a
complete list.


Unfortunately the beer mat manufacturer has let me down. Thanks to those of
you that offered to use them and distribute them on your travels. It doesn't
look like anything is going to happen now, but I'll keep your names and
addresses just in case they come through in the end.
Next major dev is the Volvo Prize algorithms for the World Youth Games.
Other dev still high on the list but didn't make it into 1.39 is high point
scoring systems, qualification profiles, admin fields for competitors and
more documentation.
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