new website - twitter feed per event

extended edit+event to allow specification of a twitter search
string. when specified, a twitter feed appears on event home page
showing tweets for that string. example using “#sailing” - the real
hashtag we will use is #dart18tt but no tweets yet.


This allows people at the event to update those watching with what

is happening in real time, organisers and competitors alike. also
allows viewers to ask questions.

v simple - very effective because of mobile integration with twitter

etc. i.e. subscribe to the feed and get texts.Regards,

I'm trying to do the same with coveritlive but it doesn't seem to

handle creation of events using an api, which is a shame.


You can of course add a coveritlive content into an event by hand. 

Ditto more twitter feeds. Just add new content and post the embed
code as specified by the website (twitter or coveritlive or…).

Colin J