NHC and AS (VY) Series New Rating not calculated

Hi, I am trying to score a series with both AS and NHC. The NHC part (Aggregate fleet) is using aliases of all the boats in the Cats and Monos fleets, as has been mentioned in this forum a number of times.
However the New Rating is not shown in Sailwave or the published results, it looks like it was not calculated.
What did I do wrong ?
I have attached a copy of the blw file (anonymised a bit by changing the competitor names)

CycCupAndDivisionSeries23_24_Anon.blw (559.1 KB)

I made a few changes and got results, but I don’t know if that is what you are looking for.
What I did:

  • Added one race (R32)
  • Unchecked “Auto set competitor rating” I don’t have the rating files.
  • Scored the series as “Score groups of competitors separately…” Used the “fleet” as the Grouping field

Here are the results of R1-Aggregate:

Here is a snapshot of the race ratings of the Aggregate boats:

The handicap numbers are changing from race to race.

Thanks Peter, I already unticked “Auto set competitor rating” under Scoring System, Fleets, edit fleet, but it is still ticked in the Rating System tab because I want the mono and cat fleets to be scored that way.
I am sure I saw somewhere that I should add an extra race, so I tried that but it didn’t help.
But then I scored the series as “Score groups of competitors separately…” Used the “fleet” as the Grouping field, and that did the trick. I think it is working correctly now.
CycCupAndDivisionSeries23_24_AnonNhc.htm (291.6 KB)
CycCupAndDivisionSeries23_24_Anon.blw (603.6 KB)
AustralianSailingYardsticksFromPdfs.csv (4.0 KB)
CycYardsticks_Sailwave.csv (1.2 KB)
Have uploaded the results html, the blw file, and the ratings tiles in case anybody wants to check.
It might be a good idea to write this (scoring races with a fixed rating as well as NHC) up as a help page, it has been in the forums a few times, so a number of people probably do this and a concise summary of how to do it would be helpful I think…

Hi Michael,
Thank you for letting the forum know that you have seemed to resolve your issues.

There is information in the Sailwave User Guide about scoring handicap/rating system races and using aliases. However, I do take your point about making a single document outlining/detailing how to score multiple fleets on handicap/rating system using aliases. I will see what I can put together.

A small point, I always like to have a start defined in each race for each fleet and set the finish to either elapsed or finish time for fleet(s) using a rating system to calculate race results.

I was interested that you have Cats & Monos scored separately on AS rating system but you have combine as ‘Aggregate’ for NJC calculations. I would have expected them to stay separate. FYI - you could score as follows with more aliases but you may know this already:

  • Cat - using AS rating system (original competitors)
  • Mono - using AS rating system (original competitors)
  • Cat & Mono - using AS rating system (aliases #1)
  • Cat - using NHC rating system (aliases #2)
  • Mono - using NHC rating system (aliases #3)
  • Combined Cat & Mon - using NHC rating system (aliases #4)

AS CSV ratings file is available from Sailwave website, Australian Sailing sent it over so it could be made available. Not sure if it is up to date though.

I like your club location. In the past I was involved in 3 FastCat Round the Isle of Wight races here in the UK. In one, struggled in a 7m RIB to keep up with the leading cats and we were doing 20knts+ SOG .

Kind regards,

Thanks Huw,
Because we don’t have large fleets, we only have one start for club races, Cats and Monos start at the same time, so I haven’t defined a start for each fleet. Would there be an advantage if I did ? We have a box (little Arduino computer built by a member) which gives us elapsed time in Decimal Minutes so I generate a spreadsheet which translates the elapsed times into hh:mm:ss for import into Sailwave.
The NHC aggregate fleet is just a way of combining the Monos and Cats in a slightly different order than just on yardstick, so perhaps some different people will get trophies. We don’t need Cat NHC and Mono NHC, because then we would need to get more trophies.
There is a Sailwave rating file to download from the Australian Sailing website (https://www.sailingresources.org.au/ratings-hub/yardsticks/), maybe the same as on your site, but at the start of our summer it was not up to date with the pdf’s so I extracted the ratings from the pdf’s.
In your last sentence I assume you are talking about the Around French Island race, the Patrol boats do have to go pretty fast to keep up with the cats in that race. The shortest distance sailed by a competitor (the handicap winner) was about 41.5 nautical miles, so it is a long race. Not particularly fast this year, but when conditions suit the cats it is fast.