NHC Can a short series work better

Each year my summer club hold a weeks keelboat racing split into various fleets. White sails fleet use NHC. Last years 2021 handicaps did not seem to change much, after each race. Its only 5 races. Is there a way to make the handicaps update more ?

thanks Ian

Hi Ian,

Sailwave supports both NHC in Native mode and also in External mode. In External mode, it uses an Excel template to control the calculations. In this mode, you can modify or create your own templates to perform any calculations you like.

The normal template can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave\Templates\SWNHC3.xls
if you wish to modify this then you should copy this file to
You can then edit this file
if you select custom external it will then use this file

You can modify the template the parameters that control the rate of adjustment can be found here

You have complete control of the calculations when modifying the template

If you only want to modify these parameters you can also see the instructions posted previously for using the internal mode with a .ini file to adjust the parameters

It is already possible to configure the internal to use a different number of finishers (Although I’ve not published it previously as the RYA want to discourage using non standard parameters) To do this you need to create a file SWHelper.ini and place it in the same directory as SWHelper.exe

The file should contain

AdjustP = 0.30
AdjustPX = 0.15
AdjustN = 0.15
AdjustNX = 0.075
SD_Over = 1.50
SD_Under = 1.00
MinFin = 3

You can omit the lines you don’t want to change

MinFin is the parameter that controls the minimum no of finishers before any changes apply

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Thanks. I’ll have to have a look. They use a club pc, so I’ll presume they’ve using the native/ normal version. I’ll have a look when I go in the next few weeks. Hoping its not been wiped. I’ve last years results so I can try playing around with that.

We are possibly going to try using the YTC handicap ratings this year. Do you know which rating system to use from Sailwave to calculate results ?

Hi Ian could you expand on this please


Apparently its just using slightly different ratings in the same was as now