NHC Handicap Calulation Query

I have a competitor querying the calculation for the next race after comparing results with other competitors that finished with slightly different times but all had the same change in handicap.

“It seems a bit strange to me that I came fifth in this race on handicap, yet my new rating only decreased by 0.005 which is the same amount of decrease that Bluefire has even though they came third. Blue Denim decreased by 0.008 (ie more than me) even though they were in fourth place.”

Something to do with only being one competitor in the previous race?

BOPTYS 2022-23 WASP Series 1.blw (54.2 KB)

Hi Sailena

First the easy one the effect of only one competitor in the previous race will make no difference.
If there are less than 3 competitors then the ratings don’t change. If you look at the ratings in R5 and R6 they are identical

This is a copy of excel sheet for R6 for the B fleet

As you will notice Sailina performance was calculated as Extreme (or Outlier) which means that they are subject to different adjustments

The NHC algorithm calculates a standard deviation of the results and anyone outside the set parameters is classified as an extreme performer and then gets different adjustments
The thinking behind this as I understand is if someone does extremely badly perhaps run aground or extremely well may be lucky and caught a wind shift then it is not correct to apply the normal adjustment and a smaller adjustment is applied

Hope that helps


Thanks Jon.
I’ll pass your comments on. I had an unsuccessful go at getting the external workbook. I’ll have another go shortly.