NHC Progressive HC SUB-Series from SeasonLong NHC Progressive HC. Keeping the correct Chronological Rating after Race Selection

This is our first season using Sailwave for 100% of our club dinghy racing at Worser Bay Boating Club, Wellington, New Zealand. “Sail100” has been retired.

Optimists P Class & Starlings, Sunburst, Zephyrs, Lasers, OKs Finns with some 12ft skiffs & 29ers occasionally…A very traditional NZ club dinghy fleet adapted for sailing in ( very ) windy Wellington.

Sailwave is going fine.
Learning curve is steep but excellent race results both line and progressive handicap are being produced.

We now have 100% of our club races ( ~44x per season per division Total 88x potential races ) going into a single SEASONAL_div.BLW file for the Senior Division Fleets(PM Sailing ) and another for Junior Division Fleets (AM Sailing).
This makes results data entry a breeze.
Just record sail numbers and time as they come over the line and type them in one after the other.
No separating classes or fleets just record them one after the other.

Each divison has 3x Fleets with separate starts for each Race…
Every Sailor is Aliased to be in a LINE Fleet and a HANDICAP Fleet.
The inbuilt NHC is used for Progressive Handicaps over the ~88x seasons club races.

Historically we only scored ~16x “Championship Races” in a season for each divison. ( total 32 )
Scoring ALL the potential races (44x versus 16x ) using a progressive handiap is much more interesting as we can really see how sailors’ performance ebbs and flows as EVERY race is now recorded.

Also historically the 16x championship races were then Rescored into 4x Handicap Series of 4x races in a Progressive Handicap.

That is how all our club prizes and cups are allocated and how the current club NOR and SSI is written.

I now want to replicate the “historical” series using Sailwave so we can comply with the current NOR/SSI and allocate prizes based on the finish time data we have collected in the SEASON_div.BLW files … with minimum effort. This is the “Minimum Effort Condition”!

The Championship Series is easy to derive from the SEASON_div.BLW
Make a Copy of the SEASonal_div.BLW to a file CHAMP_div.BLW then delete all the “non-championship” races, leaving 16x Races, Change the Discards (10 of 16) and DNC definitions , Rescore and Publish only the LINE Fleet Results.
Job Done.
It is a pain doing this to update the championship file through the season.
It would be cool to have a “macro” to do it semi automatically!

Setting up 4x 4 race Progressive Handicap Sub Series Based on the 16x ( 4x4 ) Championship Races is where I have problems.

Ideally each of the selected races should be scored based on the Seasonal Progressive Handicap AT THE TIME OF that Race.
This is the “Current Seasonal Rating” condition.
Ideally it should be easy to do.
This is the “Minimum Effort Condition”

A compromise could to reseed a Start of Series Rating and then Resore only the 4 races using NHC progressive.
This is the “Reseeded & Rescored Rating” condition which might be acceptable if it is easier to achieve. This may conform to the “Minimum Effort Condition”

I am hoping there may be a simple way of doing this.

Current thinking:
Rescoring the selected races using NHC Progressive.

I want the Starting NHC Rating for each series to be based on the SEASONAL NHC Rating at the time for the Race.
I dont want it to recalculate from the pre-season “Seeded” rating in the Sailors information page.
Ideally each race in the short HC series will use the “current” Rating based on the Seasonal_div.BLW ratings, but we could tolerate letting the NHC Progressive recalulate based on fwer races.

If I simply delete all the NON-Series Races then the seeded Rating will recalculate from the PreSeason Rating fore each of the four series even though they occur much later and the progressive ratings have changed.
If I keep the “Prior Race” to the start of the short Series I will have to make sure it does not count.
Can I delete the results for the prior race and still keep the “new” Rating from the prior race as the seed Rating?
This does not satify the “Current Seasonal Rating Condtion” but if it easy to implement we could use it.

Alternative Way:
Just seleting “Already NHC Scored” scored results and Rescore as a simple Line 4 race series.

Just select the SCORES of the selected 4x NHC Races from the Seasonal_div.BLW as if they were LINE scores. Put them into a new SERIES1_div.BLW and rescore them without any NHC but with 0,0,0,1 discard and revised DNC definition.
This would be ideal because of the selected races would be scored using the sailors current progressive handicap at the time of each race. Ie it would conform to the “Current Seasonal Rating Condition”.
But how to do it?
Can it also satify the “Minimum Effort Condition”?
Please point me to ideas on how to extract / copy / paste / merge only the selected races and scores only, into a new series ?

Ground Zero Way.
I know I can delete races to get a 4 race series then manually type in the correct Pre-series Seed Ratings found from the New Ratings at the time in the SEASON_div.BLW file. But it is a pain as there are 4 series each with about 80 sailors. It can be done but it still does not satisfy the “current seasonal rating” condition and it certainly does not comply with the “minimum effort condition”.

Love Sailwave! but please advise on how to go to next level.

Andrew Paterson. Worser Bay Boating Club. Wellington NZ.

Hi Andrew, Just a few of my thoughts for you. (not necessarily the right / only way to do it)

  1. You may want to use the
    Export Series to windows clipboard
    Save a csv
    Import Series to a new series
    This will give you a series of Race results (positions) rather than race time.
    That way when you delete races results will based on race handicap at time of race.

  2. When I have had the need for results based on different races (Same races in multiple series) through out the year I record a days results in a Separate BLW file and then merge to the required series files.
    The merge process is great only downside of this is when there is a correction to be made it is now needed to be made in multiple files. It does however give the various series results throughout the season.

  3. We also use the Prize function in Sailwave or the separate SWprize programme to generate a list of Prizes where there as bases on competitor attributes such as Age / class. eg Top n 29ers Top Ladies etc

Hope this may be of some help


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I have seen your post and I am digesting it all before making a proper reply.

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