Officer of the Day Scores set to average of non discarded races

Hi we have one skipper who has been doing duties for races up to Race 7
OpeningSeries23_24.blw (44.3 KB)
And I wanted to see what would happen if he did well in the next couple of races so I added a couple of fake races (8 and 9) and gave him the fastest time.
I thought when I did this, that his OOD scores would be adjusted to be the average of his two 1st places. But the OOD scores stayed the same, and the 2 1st places are shown as the drops.
Not sure what is happening here, perhaps someone can explain please ?

Hi Michael,

Before Sailwave can calculate the OOD points it has to know which race has the highest points scored for the competitor so that race can be left out of the calculation (average of non discard races). BUT in this scenario Sailwave cannot do that because there are no points calculated yet to make this decision.

In your fake scenario the competitor does have two results both firsts which correctly get discarded as they are the only two races with points at this point leaving Sailwave trying to calculate OOD from no races with points.

If you change R1 to DNC for the competitor and ‘fudge’ the results for R8 & R9 to be a 1st, then Sailwave discards R1 & R8 leaving the points from R9 to give an average of non-DNC results to be 1.0 that is allocated to the OOD code.

Your situation is an extreme case scenario, with two discards in play and only two races that could be discarded in your testing example. However if you had added a tenth race and and given the competitor any scoring code other than OOD or an actual ‘fudge’ result everything would work.

I hope my explanation makes sense.
Kind regards,

Thanks Huw for your quick response,
I have experimented with it, and it works as you say, I also tried adding another race with a result and that fixed it too, I guess Sailwave has to do do the discards before it calculates the OOD points.
I may need to change one of the OOD’s to a DNC as the scenario of him only sailing 2 races in the series is not unlikely, but I don’t think any of the others will complain about that.
As a side note, when I was trying to work this out, when I click on Scoring System, then click on OOD, edit, and hover over some of the “Average of” radio buttons, the hint that comes up (

) says Appendix A 10(a), I presume this is referring to the RRS “GUIDANCE ON REDRESS” section, which was A10 in the 2017-2020 RRS but is A9 in the 2021-2024 RRS, so perhaps these hints should be changed in the next release, and maybe put RRS in the hint too.