OOD Average points calc non DNC and non Discard

We have a series where one person did 2 ood duties and sailed 3 races. His results were OOD,5,2,DNC,2,DNC,DNC,DNC,OOD.
So 3 sailed races, 4 DNC’s(68pts each) and 2 OOD’s
The series has 5 races to count.
Both OOD calculations of Average sum of points for Non-DNC and Average sum of points for Non-Discard are giving an OOD value of 3.
Can someone explain this.
I can see that OOD=3 is correct for Average sum of points for Non-DNC as that is (5+2+2)/3
but surely Average sum of points for Non-Discard should be
(5+2+2+68+68)/5 = 28.6
Many thanks
for Race Committee at Broadwater S.C.

Hi Neil,
If you care to share your Sailwave file I will have a look at it and hopefully be able to explain.

Kind regards,

Hi Neil
If you show the results page or better still share the file we can comment in more detail but if I understand correctly his net score would be 3+5+2+2+3 which is 15 which is an average of 3 you don’t discard the OOD scores

Hello Hew and Jon
Thank you for your replies
Happy to share the blw file - when I try to upload it says “new users cant upload attachments” so here is a link to it

So with results of OOD,5,2,DNC,2,DNC,DNC,DNC,OOD.
I would expect Average sum of points for Non-DNC
to calculate the OOD value as (5+2+2)/3 = 3 which it is
If we change to Average sum of points for Non-discard (ie 5 races)
also calculates OOD as 3 where as I would expect it
to be (5+2+2+DNC+DNC)/5 = 29 (when DNC=68)
Thanks again

Hi Neil,

I look forward to Jon’s insight but I think you have made an assumption error in what races are included in ‘Average sum of points for non-discard’, the DNC codes are all the discards so you will be left with 5 scores for SOLO 4757 of OOD, 5, 2, 2, OOD. This is the same set of scores used when using ‘Average sum points of non-DNC’.

This is probably a rare occurrence of results leading to the same value being calculated for OOD points using two different methods.
Kind regards,

Hello Huw. I see what you are saying but shouldn’t one think about calculation of OOD (which is what we are talking about) first, and then what scores are used for the final points calculation second.

It is a bit chicken and egg. Surely you have to calculate the OOD values first based on the fact that OOD races were not sailed and so their own calculated OOD value can not feed back in to itself.

With Average sum of points for non-DNC it is easy as it is just the avarage of races actually sailed.

With Average sum of points for non-discard we are saying in this example that the OOD score should be calculated from 5 races (sailed or not) as there are 4 discards so 5 to count.

You surely can’t include the OOD values in this calculation for OOD isself because you don’t know the OOD value before it is calcaulated! ie chicken and egg. But you do use the then calculated OOD value in the 5 to cound as 29 is lower than teh DNC 68.

The only logical calculation is to include 2 DNC’s with the 3 sailed results to give the 29pts for OOD.

Using the existing OOD=Average Non Discard and your explanation wouldn’t it will always be the same as Average non DNC unless more than the minimum number of races have been sailed by a competitor??

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Hi Neil, If you take the best 5 scores out of the 7 then there are two DNC’s which will get discarded.
You seem to want to discard the OOD scores. I don’t understand why. If you would like an interactive discussion try the Chat on www.sailwave.com hopefully I will be available

Hello Jon
After speaking to you last week and explaining the problem have you had any more thoughts about changing this this so that Average sum of points for non-discard does something different from Average sum of points for non-DNC when fewer than the number when fewer than the number of races to count are sailed by the OOD.
Thanks Neil