OOD scoring in a merged series

We run a fall series which involves merging the results of four or five days restinto a single series. We use a high point system with DNC worth 0 points, DNF, DNS etc worth 1 point, all others scored as number of finishers minus finish position plus 2. Works fine except for OOD scoring. We sometimes use a rotating OOD where each competitor takes a turn being OOD and scores average points. The problem is that the average points is being recalculated each time a new series is added, instead of keeping the average points for that days racing. How do I change the merge or OOD scoring so that the average points are fixed for a competitor after each days racing? Thanks

Hi Colin
Sorry I don’t quite understand what you are saying.
Surely the OOD is the Officer for the whole day - you are saying that they are scored the average points for that day’s racing - but they haven’t raced so how did they get an average?

The OOD code can be configured to score as you wish just in the scoring codes window - click on OOD and select Edit



Sorry, I should have been clearer. We rotate the OOD for each race (It’s RC sailing so this is easy to do). But that isn’t the problem. Sailwave correctly calculates the average score for each OOD for the days racing and then correctly scores the days racing.
The problem occurs when I try to merge that days racing into an existing series. Sailwave recalculates the average score for each OOD using all of the combined races, instead of just using the already calculated average score for the two race days. For example:
Racer A sails four races this Saturday and gets 4 firsts. He is OOD in race 5. Sailwave correctly calculates his average score as “1”. Next Saturday he sails four races and gets all 10ths. He is OOD in race five again and Sailwave correctly calculates his score in race 6 as “10”. However, when the two series are merged, Sailwave recalculates his average score as if it were a single 10 race event and scores him 5th in both races 5 and 10, not 1 and 10 respectively. This makes quite a difference when you have multiple race days and discards with large swings in participation. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks