There seems to be some subtlety associated with OOD scoring which evades me.
1. I have a few OOD scorings: I never try to have two OODs in the one race. however, early OODs come out correctly with a score of 1 (yes, we really do try to encourage our OODs by giving them first place); OODs later in the series have their score transformed to 0 (zero). the earlier ones remain correct.
2. when I invent a new code, RO, which is supposed to behave just like OOD, it works on some scores, but claims it is an invalid code on others. and when it does work it has the same erratic behaviour. btw: I'm confident I'm not typing R0 for RO, since I select it from the drop down menu.

has anyone else met this anomaly? short of hand editing the html, any suggestions?