ORC ratings file template

Hi Peter
I am not sure what you would consider a ratings check option.
My version would be display Todays rating field with the wind rating field (hopefully you have added some spaces. between ratings and then eyeball that you have selected the proper wind band for the race.

Hi Mark,

Here is a link to a screen capture that I was thinking about: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ys81hngqyzoco8d/Capture.JPG?dl=0 It would display the actual rating used to calculate the corrected time on the individual race table.

Displaying the rating on the Series summary table doesn’t mean much since with wind based ratings the rating can change from race to race.


ank Fleet Name Class Sail no Club Helm Today’s rating Ratings Win AP + WL + Sing # Location Elapsed Corrected BCE BCR Points
1 ORC 1 Mummbles Farr 30 USA 35 AYC Brad Kauffman 1.1385 0.9273, 1.1385, 1.2866, 0.7271, 0.928, 1.0568, 1.1392, 0.9255 Annapolis, MD, USA 1.06.38 1.15.52 0.00.00 1.139 1.0

My approach is to print both rating fields… the race info at the top tells me to take the second of the AP or all purpose wind rating. Lets hope the formating comes through! Now I would never want to print this file … but it helps at my first pass at an audit. I change the display and publish the provisional results. Anymore auditing is really a study of my csv registration file… If I screw up the ratings there… It will take a boat owner to notify me that I screwed up their rating somehow on the import.

Now I have often wanted to increase the font of the header for this table.


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Elapsed time, Course: Buoys, Wind strength: AP Med, Ave wind: Medium

I have thought that this formatting could use a refresh but all of the info you need can be displayed so… not a big issue.