ORR - ORRez Scoring system

I want to go back and score some of last years and older distance races using ORRez ratings.
I’ve read a few older threads and it sounds like I need to use the TCF (Time Correction Factor) scoring system.
Having never done this, I want to make sure that is right and get any guidance from those who have done this.
I recently paid for an ORRez rating and many of the boats in our area have class ratings I can look up.
It will be interesting to see how the race shakes out using ORRez.

Hi Dave,
I am not familiar with ORRez ratings or the formula used to calculate the corrected time using these ratings. Please could you explain in a bit more detail or provide a link to somewhere that describes the rating system/

Look forward to trying to help.
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Dave’s original email indicated that he wanted to use TCF scoring as
most ORR scoring uses simple time-on-time scoring.

Google: ORR rating system (rating issued by the Offshore Rating Association)

I know that you know this but others who read this may not -
time-on-time scoring is: elapsed x TCF = corrected. So TCF are usually
somewhat above and somewhat below 1.0. Sailwave does this easily and you
only need to pick a system that uses TCFs - the simple TCF system being
the most usual.


PS - ORRe+z ratings differ from standard ORR ratings only in the
measurements necessary to get a rating. Like ORCi vs ORC Club.

Thanks Art, ORR-ez is based on stated measurements and only cost $100 us. Far cheaper than a real ORR rating. The ez system is designed to capture those areas that are questioning PHRF. The Certificates cost about the same without the perceived/observed performance and politics.
Here is the website https://www.offshoreracingassociation.org/orr-ez
PHRF SO Cal is moving closer to the ORR-ez system in their regional outlook.

The nice thing is you can look up past years and see certificates from class boats if you are interested in getting an ORR-ez certificate.

I have not re-scored any of last years races yet but hearing the the TCF scoring on Sailwave will work. I will give it a go. The one thing is making sure the proper course and wind range (for the rating ) are used.

Dave T