Pager publishing effect

Here’s a publishing effect – Pager - that you can use to display a multi-fleet series on a big screen. It shows the first fleet, pauses for people to peruse, then moves on to the next. When it gets to the end it starts again. It’s similar to the Scroller effect but in steps rather than moving continuously.

To install, puts pager.js in your downloads folder. Then follow the instructions at How do I add my own publishing templates, styles and effects? | Sailwave.

To use, just add Pager when you publish and open the html file in your favourite web browser.

There is more information, including overrides, in pager.js itself. Open it in a text editor to read.

One limitation is that, for each fleet, you can only see the number of competitors that fit on the screen, usually about 20. That means that it is fine for most club racing with several small fleets but not so good for championships with one or two big fleets.

The Scroller effect may be better for the latter however I see how fleets can be split into pages and will implement it if the demand is there.

Pager has been tested successfully on several different Sailwave 2.29.0 series but it is new and there could be bugs. Please give it a try and let me have your feedback either here or to

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