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At our club we run regular pesonal handicap races where the rating used is Portsmouth + a personal %. The % used is effectively the BCR / PY, averaged over time. For example, 1064 + 5% = 1117. I import the results into Sailwave using csv results file. Handicaps range from 0% (for those regularly winning) to 28% and beyond for novices.

I current include a personal race rating field in my csv import (e.g 1117) but our members are very familiar with their percentage handicap and seeing it in the results would give them greater meaning.

What I’d like to do is show the % handicap next to the rating in the published results, but only where the race is held under personal handicap conditions. For Portsmouth it can be left blank. I can get a percentage field in my csv file, but I’m looking for a way to include it on the published results.

I can use a generic field and rename (e.g. helm notes ) but that applies to all races, not just those under personal handicap conditions.


Hi Nick,

I thought - You could just change the Class name K1 (20%) as you are not looking up PY.



You might want to be more specific about what you want. You apparently
have two rating systems - one using Portsmouth and the other using
Portsmouth+%. You say that when you import the Portsmouth+% ratings you
can import the percent as well into an unused column. When you decide to
score with Portsmouth+% you need to check a box to use that system. You
could, at the same time, check the box for publishing the percent column.

So what are you seeking? Some way to automatically publish the percent
column when you click to score using Portsmouth+%? Or, something else?

It would seem to me that one click instead of two clicks is no big
impediment to doing what you want. Since the “automatic publish” feature
wouldn’t be used that often anyway I’m not sure that is a good candidate
for a new feature. But, perhaps I am not understanding what you want.


PS - Having a “conditional publish” option for columns could be useful
for more folks but I should think a simpler program is generally a
better program if it can already do what you want quite easily. There
could be at least two ways to implement a conditional publish feature:

  1. publish if some condition is met (need to define a bunch of
    variables) or 2) publish if at least one cell in the column is not blank
    combined with a feature to populate the cells by a formula (again, would
    need to define a bunch of variables).

Hi Art,

It’s always difficult getting the level of detail right in the question. Let me try.

We have our own Excel program to run races. Ratings used to manage that process are self-contained with that race spreadsheet. Our club uses a system a little bit like golf where each competitor has a personal handicap, ranging from 0% upwards.

From that race spreadsheet I create a csv file to import into Sailwave. Within that file I already have everything I need to get the results - I have an elapsed time and a race rating. The race rating field is either 1) blank if the race was run on Portsmouth Yardstick, in which case the rating in my Sailwave “rating folder” is used or 2) I include a race rating in my csv if our race was run under personal handicap. This “race rating” is used instead of PY to calculate corrected times in Sailwave.

If we run the race under personal handicap my csv file will include a “race rating”. With a small adjustment to my csv I could also include field with the competitors personal handicap %. For example, let’s take a K1. PY is 1064. For a race under personal handicap the K1 sailor had a 5% handicap which created a race rating of 1117. In my csv I would be able to include a column for “race rating” and personal percentage. (1117 and 5% respectively).

In the published results I’d like to show the % used next to the rating. Our members are familiar with their handicaps and it would be useful to them. The % only needs to show where I have included it in my csv file against races run under personal handicap.

As I said before, I can include in the helms details in Sailwave but it then appears against all races, rather than only those under personal conditions. I need a field I can use specific to a particular race.


Hi Nick,

I would like to understand why some races are using a personal %age rating and others are using the default PY rating. I have not come across this concept before.

Sailwave in the series summary table will only show, if selected for publishing, the default rating used for the competitor and if using a progressive rating system, like RYA NHC, Irish Sailing progressive ECHO or a custom progressive rating system using an external Excel spreadsheet, Sailwave will, if selected for publishing, show the rating to be used in the next race yet to be sailed.

Sailwave in the individual race tables shows in the rating column the rating that was used in that race.

In case you are not aware by using the RYA NHC rating option you could use your own custom Excel spreadsheet to do the calculations you have already created with a bit of extra configuration of your spreadsheet. This would allow you to enter finish data in Sailwave and dual score every race using default PY rating and your custom rating system.

Kind regards,

Hi Nick,

The problem comes with publishing this.

All the columns in the series results table belong to the Competitor fields
With the exception of the race columns - The race columns can only publish one field (which is selectable)

So are you expecting to be able to publish them in the Series results table or only on individual race tables

The individual race tables do publish the rating used for the race and with version 2.28.7 you can import these from the csv

So it would be possible to publish both the default and the actual rating in an individual race table
If you want to display this as a percentage you could create an effect which would convert one of them to a percentage

Does that make sense?



Jon Eskdale

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Hi Huw,

Some years ago we had a member who was a software programmer. He created a race spreadsheet which controls the timing sequence, horn and results. It also allows you to select the type of race you want for each race. Typically each Sunday we have a personal handicap first race and Portsmouth for the subsequent races. That said, it is not good for publishing results so I use a bit of VBA code to create a csv import to Sailwave. We then publish those on the website etc.

The csv file has the race rating. I would just like to show the personal handicap rating as a % in a separate column on the individual race results. I can get that into my csv quite easily or it could be calculated as Jon refers to in his message. Race Rating/ PY etc. Our members have been using the % handicap system for many years and to have the actual % next to the rating would be useful to them.

I note all your comments about dual scoring, RYA NHC etc. At some point in the future we will probably move that way. At the moment the club Committee are still committed to our Excel race program.


Hi Jon,

Yes, makes sense.

I don’t need it in the series summary. I was just thinking the % used to create the race rating would be nice to see next to the rating in the individual race results. It could be calculated or I can import it within my csv if easier. I would only need it on the races where the race rating was used on the csv. If that field is not used ithe rating is taken from the rating folder - which is just Portsmouth Yardstick.



I think if you should be able to do what you want by creating yourself a javascript effect



Ok, happy to try. Where do I start?

Hi Nick,
Thank you for the explanation. All makes sense now

All best in working with suggestion from Jon.
Kind regards,

Hi Jon,

I’m not familiar with java script- I can do a bit of VBA. Sorry.

The formula I need is (Race rating/Portsmouth Yardstick)-1 then multiplied x 100 to give a %.

Only required if I upload a race rating in the csv.

Is that easy to do?