Personal Handicaps

Hiya, I might have reinvented the egg here, but I have found a way
of using sailwave to process personal handicaps which works very
I have two copies of the ratings file; one called
NormalHandicaps.csv and one called PersonalHandicaps.csv. Each
regular sailor at the club then has a boat class based on their
name. For example, I dont sail an "RS 300", but instead an "RS 300
KW". In the NormalHandicaps this is rated at 1001, in the
PersonalHandicaps file its 1051 (5% boost for my naff sailing). The
package can then be used very easily to process race results twice,
as the blw files can be used with both handicap systems without
having to be edited at all.

The results can be made to look normal by renaming the BoatName
column as "Class", and putting the Class name of every competitor
into the BoatName Field, then only publish the BoatName field and
not the class field.

P.S. I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me what PY a "Laser Fun"
is, and a Minisail,......
Kevin Weatherhead