Peter's Sailwave wish list

It’s less than two weeks until Christmas and I have two wishes for Sailwave. Both would be nice to have and I think would enhance the application.

  • Add to “Results are final as of @ on #” an option to express current host computer time in a UTC time. I.e. something like: Results are final as of UTC +5

I score regattas in different time zones by traveling to them and for the last year with COVID, I’ve scored a few regattas remotely. It’s very important that the correct local time and date are on the results. I could reset my computer to the different time zone, but this is inconvenient, in particular when scoring two events from different zones at the same time.

  • Add to the columns dialog a button to move all the columns that are not viewed or displayed below the columns that are viewed or displayed.

I like to move all the columns that are viewed and displayed to the top of the dialog. This makes it quicker to make display or format changes to the active column names. I understand that I can use the up and down arrows to accomplish the same, but that takes some effort.



Two good suggestions. The time zone matter is a bit special purpose, but since SW seems to have a world wide following, it would be good to accommodate local times. And the columns dialog could definitely use a freshener. Sometimes we’re on two pages, looking for crew names or whatnot. As noted, they can be rearranged manually, but something automatic would be very pleasant.