PHRF ToD, scoring 10 boats, with 3 Flying Scots in the mix

I am using PHRF ToD, to score 10 boats, with 3 Flying Scots in the mix. I am scoring all the boats of various types together. I would like to also score the Flying Scots separately when there is two or more flying scots. It this possible to do with one blw file? I would appreciate some guidance as to how to configure Sailwave to do this.


George Morin
Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet

Hi George,

Sailwave can do what you want using the ‘Aliases’ functionality. Sailwave cannot directly only score the Flying Scot fleet when there are two or Flying Scots. When there is only one Flying Scot you would manually have to clear the results for the aliased Flying Scots in the race(s) where there is only one Flying Scot.

To turn on the ‘Aliases’ functionality click ‘Set up’ from the menu bar followed by selecting ‘User interface’ from the drop down list. In the window that appears check the box alongside the words ‘Competitor aliasing’. More information on how to do Competitor laiasing is in the Sailwave User Guide available for download from the Sailwave web site - Sailwave User Guide | Sailwave.

Kind regards,

Thank you Huw, I’ll give it a try.