PHRF TOT in 1.44b4

Notice of another tweak in 1.44b4 which will be uploaded soon.

I've integrated PHRF TOT into the list of standard rating systems and
provided facilities to enter two coefficients (A and B) - e.g. 480 and 660.
The custom rating system expression thingy was almost exclusively used for
PHRF TOT and is not that easy to use because if the 3 expressions required -
while it is powerful. The A and B coefficients are also available to the
custom rating system expressions should they be needed. Any other rating
systems that required two (or 1) constants like this, can now be added
easily; requests welcome.

I've also added IRM, IRC, CHS (for legacy purposes) and ECHO as separate
rating systems, while leaving the generic TCF time correction factor system
as well.

Does anybody use PHRF TOD rating expression that requires the divide by 60?
i.e. c = e-rd/60. I can add this if required.

I'm currently gathering data on Cox-Sprage (again), any info welcome. They
wrote a book about it but I can't find it on Google, does any body know what
it was called and where I can get a copy? NB: Bill H, this seems to be a
generalisation of your rating system as pointed out by Huw P.

Colin Jenkins


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