Problem sending resuls to RYA

Can anyone help

The attached file will not go to the RYA, I have managed to send race 1 to 12 O.K. When I send 14-16, and 19-22 I get a message saying race 14 does not exist, I delete race 14 and get a message race 15 does not exist and this gets repeated as I delete the races. I set the whole series up at the same time so can not make sense of what I have done wrong.


Bob Taylor

Hi Bob - The issue is that you have name Race 13 as R14 and Race 14 as R15 etc

If you send races 1-15 and races 18-21 this will work. You are trying to send non existent races.

Regards Jon

Hi Jon
Thanks for that. I have input race 13 as a blank race and re-sent races 14 onwards and it worked a treat.
The reason I removed the race as there was an anomaly with the club result and thought by just sending the selected races it would work, clearly it didn't.
Much appreciated


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