Problem translating some strings in a locale

I have made my own Danish locate, but I have problems with some of the
strings. They are not translated. If I use the official den-locate, the
same problem seems to be here. The Danish translation is changed back
to English for some of the strings.
I have tried to make an English null-locate and change just one problem-
string. The same happens here. When I then close Sailwave, it informs
me, that 254 items has been moved to the obsolete section. Why that? It
is an English null-locate! The problem-strings can be found here in the
obsolete section.
One of the problem strings is:

CHECKBOX-T : Hide_unsailed_races_when_pressed.
           = Hide unsailed races when pressed.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Full of hope


jens (et al) - i will look into it - i am keen to
get the locales working smoothly - anybody else please report locale
probs too (german locale peobs?) - i’ll have a session on them…


lissisejlklub wrote:


Jens, I’ve fixed some stuff to do with locales and
will upload this weekend. Try it then. Get back to me with any
problems. Unfortunately due to a previous bug all radio buttons will
have to be retranslated. Apologies for that, I tried to think of a way
round it to automate for you but failed.



lissisejlklub wrote: