Problem uploading py results to RYA

Hi just been trying to upload all current PY information to the RYA PY system and received these error messages then the programme shuts down.
Missing config data for
Server returned Error 400 during upload
Exception occurred at address 005042CA
Exception code C0000005: Access Violation
Process PID=10640 Image: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave\sailwave.exe
Thread 1 Handle=00000210 TID=12960

Exception parameters:

EAX=00000000 EBX=52206576 ECX=006B12D4 EDX=00274000
ESI=0019F59B EDI=0019F77C EBP=0019F79C ESP=0019F578
EIP=005042CA FLG=00210246

Call Stack:

I have checked the dates as I have had that one before, any help please.

Hi Ian,

I’m surprised you get that error - What version are you using?

The error:-

“Server returned Error 400 during upload”

I would expect the above error - This is because the RYA have moved the server in-house recently ( it was previously run externally)
They are rewriting the code on the server still as far as I know so it is currently not available

Once I know it is up and running I’ll put a posting here



Hi Jon,
I found the answer to the first error message, a race that had no data and didn’t show in the race data columns.
The second error as you say I have seen before when the RYA where having technical issues.
The third is beyond my knowledge.

After sorting problem 1 the system now goes to error 400 then closes, I have sent a request to the RYA technical department. After a little more searching I found a topic on SUG regarding server work last year.

I will keep you updated on further devlopments.

Thanks for your prompt response.


New to the group, I too am having problems uploading my sailwaive results to the RYA website. Comes up with Error 400. I contacted the Technical Team and was informed that there is a problem at their end and they are working on it. Not sure how long this will take as I had problems last year too. In the meantime I emailed them my sailwaive files in the hope that they will add the results.

Hi CranleySC,
Thank you for the update. Disappointing to hear that the RYA PY Online upload of results is still off air.

Kind regards,

Hi SUG members,

A couple of things with regard to RYA PY Online:

  1. The system is still offline for uploads and is likely to be so for at least another month, in my view. The RYA IT department have a lot work going on at the moment and it is lower in priority than other things. However, it is expected that at end of April they will start looking at fixing the issues.
  2. During the Summer of 2020 US Sailing and the RYA partnered to bring PY Online to US Sailing Member clubs and sailors. - PY - US Sailing

Kind regards,

Hi SUG members,

Just a quick update to say uploads to PY Online are still not available unfortunately.

Last heard there was to be someone with required skills starting work around now - 22nd May 2021 - but had any update.

Kind regards,

HI SUG members,
I sent an email to the RYA Technical Dept. to find out if uploading of results from Sailwave is working yet.

They are now getting results uploaded from Sailwave. Just in time for for the annual push to get results for PYAG to be able to do their deliberations prior to make new ratings available at the 2022 Dinghy & Watersports Show.

PS I can’t do any testing at the moment as my access credentials are not working.

Kind regards,