Problem with discards and new races

  I have just been doing the results whilst our sailing secretary has run away and
noticed a problem with the calculation of the number of discards when a new race is added.
Setting the discards to be via some scheme (in this case discards start after 3 races and
an additional discard after every 3) calculates a discard profile for the number of races in
the series at that time. If i add more races then the discard profile doesnt get recalculated
so when i added the 12th race it didnt automatically add the 4th discard. It took me a while
to realize that the discards werent correct. It would be nice if it either automatically re-calculated
the discards or at least prompt to re-calculate, or warn that the discards may be wrong.
Does that make sense or did i miss something obvious somewhere.
This was using the latest sailwave which i downloaded at the weekend.