Problem with languages in locale

When I include any language .txt file in the “Global Options” an error appears when starting the Sailwave again. A window opens [Specify Stats] before the Sailwave program opens. Asks for “Available starts”. It can be easily closed with escape or clicking on [Ok] or [Cancel]. But it only appears when a .txt file with the translation is entered.

I am using the 2.33 and 2.34 versions

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I have just confirmed that the specify starts window that you are seeing is a bug that has been introduced recently

The Specify Starts window is a new window that is accessible from the Sailnumber wizard so that you can use only the starts you specify in the wizard - this was introduced in 2.30 so if you try using 2.29 then you shouldn’t get this happening - I will try and get a fix as soon as possible but for the time being either just close the window when you start Sailwave or use version 2.29 - Thank you for reporting it


Ok, using 2.29 or using esc is good while the bug is fixed. I found this while working in the Spanish translation. I hope to have it soon to share it with all.


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Great to hear you are working on a Spanish translation.

I appreciate there are some differences but I am sure this will be welcomed by Sailwave users in South America as much as Spain.

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