Problems accessing files and printing

At the Barrie Yacht Club we are in the process of switching to SailWave to calculate results etc this season but experiencing some problems.

The computer is running 'XP' , It is connected to a network and has an Administrator and 3 User accounts
I tried loading Sailwave via a User account but was not allowed (insufficient rights) so loaded it via Administrator a/c

Problem 1
Sailwave runs in the User account and shows the 'Example files' exist but will not load them (Access denied)
I got around this by copying the "example files' to a User folder. This worked (but may create other problems) and I used these to become familiar with the program.

I then opened a New file and was able to enter boat info and times for a simple race and calculate results. Again trying various settings.

Problem 2
Then I encountered a major problem when trying to print the results.
Clicking 'Publish' on the menu, listed only one option - 'Alt Penalty.htm' , (which doesn't mean anything to me at this time), and when selected responded 'Access Denied'.
I tried deleting Sailwave from the system and reloading - same result.
I tried changing the User account to 'administrator' status - same result.

As a last resort I ran Sailwave in the Administrator account.
This worked, giving 11 options to select from when Clicking the 'Publish" button on the Menu bar. and allowed output of the results

However, we don't particularly want to open up the Administrator account in order to use this program.

So, is the problem Me, Windows or Sailwave?
Any advice to enable us to overcome/end run these problems and use Sailwave from a User account would be greatly appreciated.