Problems configuring FTP

I’m trying to help CORK Kingston to setup their ftp for the season without any luck.

This is the account information I received:

password: not displayed

I was able to access the folder using FileZilla and the following url accesses the data:

If I use a DOS FTP session I get this error: Sorry, cleartext sessions and weak ciphers are not accepted on this server.

And I’m unable to add Sailwave files to the folder. I’ve tried pretty well every combination without any luck. This is not my area of expertise or interest.

I tried many combinations and my current Sailwave FTP setup settings are:

Base URL:
Password: not displayed
Port 21
Passive transfers

Publish path: www/past-results/results2021/420/radial_youth_worlds_results.htm

Gives this error:
Unable to connect to - (The service is currently unavailable)

The same computer was successfully configured a week ago to publish Sailwave files for my own club

Any suggestions are much appreciated

Hi Peter,

Are you using version 2.29.0? If so you should not leave the Base URL empty
If you want to use the Default directory then you should set the Base URL to ./ (That is a dot followed by forward slash)

If you don’t know what the default directory is for the login you are using. Login using Filezilla or CoreFTP and see what directory you arrive at.

You then have two choices specify the Base URL as ./ and specify the rest of the path in front of the filename when you publish or
specify the Base URL as ./www/past-results and then you only need to specify the rest in front of the filename. You can decide how much goes in the Base URL and how much you specify each time.

Note if the server is a Linux server then everything is case sensitive

Let me know how it goes and if you need any help



First I’d get it working with an FTP-like program. I say “FTP-like”
because you probably are going to need SFTP or FTPS. They are quite
different. I use Filezilla, which I believe can use both protocols. Both
do some encryption and it sounds like your provider wants stuff
encrypted. Art