progress etc

Hi all,

There has been a lack of progress on Sailwave dev recently due to a
possible conflict of interest identified by my business partners.
I've agreed to just develop Sailwave at the weekends. I'm happy with
this because it helps me to draw a clear line.

I've recovered from the crash and almost caught up to the point that
1.50 was, but lost the work on generalising the infrastructure, but
at least that doesn't affect the users.

My main focus from there will be:-

¤ Allow the specification of a rating value for *every* rating system
in the competitor so that it's easy to flip over rating systems and
see what the results would have been like.

¤ Add a 'Start' field to the competitor to define the Start they
sailed in for each race and facilitate definitions of start times etc
on a per start basis if different from the race default. Allow
relative specification of start times.

¤ Allow scoring by *any* column, not just Fleet and add lots of other

¤ Better (easier to use) facilities to override discard profiles etc
on a per fleet(etc) basis - it's a bit primitive at present.

¤ A more visual/interactive/designer approach to styles and layouts
when publishing; not may people are comfortable with raw HTML/CSS
which is perfectly understandable.

Colin Jenkins

PS: I'm ready to do the rating stuff for Swiss Sailing if you send me
the details and would like to incorporate the Romanian locale that I
was sent if you could resend please. Please also resend any emails
that you have not had a reply to yet. All recent emails lost in

PS: many people seem to have trouble with joining/using a yahoo
group. I propose to put the forums back to compliment the group for
those that don't find it natural. Things like the FAQs, bug reports,
suggestions, dev plan etc will also be in the forums; I'm dumping the
WIKI because it causes confusion too.

PS: Simon - I posted this twice my email yesterday and it didn't
appear on the board. Problem?