Progressive Handicap

Is it possible to exclude one set of race results from affecting the New Rating in progressive handicapping under RYA NHC rating.
If it is possible, how is it done?

Hi Shanley
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I suppose the obvious answer is if you don’t want the Race to affect the Progressive don’t include it in the Series. You could copy the file and delete all the other races and just publish it as a separate race.

Let me know if this solves your issue.


Probably not. The issue was that the wind died during the race with some boats finishing long before others and distorted the calculations for the new handicap. I thought I read somewhere that there is a facility to exclude a boat or boats from that calculation

Hi Sean
I’m afraid that is not in the Spec of the NHC algorithm. If you are using NHC in external mode you could create a custom template spreadsheet to do whatever you wish. Just modify it such that the new rating is the same as the current rating for that race.



on the subject of progressive handicaps,
how can you start a new series this year, using the progressive handicap from the end of the previous year, ie having a continuous rolling personal handicap.


Hi Robert,

That is an easy one - Make a copy of the .blw Sailwave file and rename it to your new series.
Now open it in Sailwave and delete all the races that have sailed.

This will leave what was to be the next race in the old series as Race 1 of the new series.
This race contains the ratings that have been calculated so you are ready to go just add new races as required


Thanks for this, simple when you think about it, will give it a go