Published 'Race' Results - default 'Place' column.

In 'Columns' we name Rank as Place and position it on the left when publishing.

Say we have 3 classes in the one blw file.
We score the 3 classes separately.

In the published RACE results under 'Place' (Rank) the places are shown correctly from 1st to last for each class.

However, in the published 'RACE' results a second 'Place' column appears by default beside the race 'Points'.

Place (Rank) - Sail No - Helm Name - Club - PLACE ??? - Points

This second 'Place' column on the right side seems to show the places of ALL THREE CLASSES as if scored as one group.

The places shown in the second 'Place' column in RACE results are meaningless in the context of the 3 independent classes.

This column is not listed in 'Columns' - it appears by default in RACE results.

Any ideas on how to get rid of it?