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Hi, I’m using Sailwave for our club’s buoy races. A few years ago, we decided to give the RYA NHC scoring method a try and Sailwave has been working for that wonderfully. Recently, we’ve also decided to publish the traditional PHRF scoring in addition. I have a file were I have aliases set up for each competitor with their PHRF rating. Those aliases are assigned to a Fleet with PHRF in the name, and there is a single override for the scoring, overriding RYA NHC to PHRF.

I first publish the NHC fleets (Publish web page > scored groups to include the two NHC fleets) to
And then I publish again, deselecting the NHC fleets and selecting the aliased PHRF fleets to:

In the published results, I see that it indicates that the scoring system is “RYA NHC”, which was the name I originally gave the “Scoring system name” in the Scoring System window. Now that we are also publishing PHRF results separately, that name can be confusing. So I changed the Scoring system name to a generic “KYC”. Now, when publishing the results, the NHC results correctly show the scoring system as “KYC”, but when publishing the PHRF (rating system override), the scoring system is listed as “RYA NHC” and not the expected “KYC”. Of course, publishing PHRF results with a scoring system shown as “NHC” can be quite confusing.

How may I remedy this while keeping the simplicity of aliases and scoring system overrides?

S/V Kookaburra
Kenosha Yacht Club
Lake Michigan

Hi Chad,
Welcome to the Sailwave User Group.

If you take a look at this link RSYC Spring Series.htm you will see for the 4 different Fleets the scoring system information stays the same. The rating system information is different for each of the fleets. You will notice I have links at the top of the page to each of the fleet results. There is another way of doing the same thing that might be more visually appealing, see this link RSYC Spring SeriesV2.htm.

To answer your question, I think it is the way you have set-up your file. If you care to send me a copy of the file using email address I will take a look at it. I will also let you know of any changes I make. I assume you are scoring the series using the standard RRS Appendix A for all fleets; if not a copy of the SI’s for the series would be useful.

I would like to understanding why you are publishing NHC & PHRF separately, it could be all done in one go, but you probably know this.

Look forward to resolving your problem.
Kind regards,

Huw, thanks for your offer. I will send you an email with the file.

For those interested in seeing Huw’s example, the original links weren’t working Here they are fixed:

The reason I have them separate is becuase this is the way I’ve had the file set up for years, and have only publicly published the NHC results, and secretly published the PHRF results. We didn’t initially want the club members to complain about how they were scored in one versus the other. Now that the club is accustomed to NHC, they are still curious as to how they would have done on their old standard, PHRF. So now I publish them in the same way, except both are publicly shared.

Honestly, I never thought about publishing them in the same results file. I just tried that now, and it is still confusing. In your example, they indeed all say the scoring system is Appendix A, but mine still lists two different scoring names, “KYC” for NHC (which is the name I entered in the top of the Edit Scoring System window, but for the PHRF results, it still lists the scoring system as “RYA NHC”.


Hi Chad et al,

I have replied to an email Chad sent me with his file. The short answer to Chad’s problem is that he had done nothing wrong, but he has found an issue in Sailwave. I have fixed the problem for Chad by editing his Sailwave .BLW manually, this is not a recommend course of action.

The problem occurs when a scoring rule override is created for a fleet or fleets in Sailwave, as Sailwave copies the default scoring rules and creates new ‘section(s)’ in the Sailwave .BLW file but with the changes that have been made for the fleet or fleets. But if you rename the default scoring system only the default scoring system name is changed but the copied scoring systems do not have their name changed. There is no way I have found, yet, in Sailwave of renaming the scoring system name for the fleet overrides. As already stated I did it by manually editing the Sailwave .BLW file.

I hope this makes sense.
Kind regards,

Huw seems to have given you one way to fix this. What I’d do is make a
2nd copy of your scoring system and change the name to what you want
(one would be KYC and one would be PHRF). Now, use the 2 systems for
your two sets of results. You’d create the risk of causing problems if
you change one of the two but forget to change the other but I think
that would give you what you want. [Personally, I’d change the scoring
system names to “PHRF Ratings” and “KYC Ratings” to make things crystal
clear. You’d still have the rating system names as different as well.]


PS - I just looked at your link and I’d suppress publishing the “Fleet”
column since it merely repeats the title of the table (and so adds no
information) and makes things slightly harder to read.

Thanks for your suggestion Art. But this means I’d have to enter weekly results in two files, defeating the simplicity of entering it once and letting the aliased competitors do the second scoring method with zero additional effort. As Huw says, there’s a tiny bug in Sailwave in that it doesn’t update the name of the scoring system with the second set of results.

Good point on suppressing the fleet column, cleaning up the table a bit, since it duplicates the table title.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough. I was proposing that you do it all in one

Under ‘Setup|User interface’ [or User interface button] you need to
enable ‘Multiple Scoring Systems’ so that you can have more than one
scoring system. Then under ‘Setup|Scoring system’ [or Scoring system
button] you can add a new scoring system. You’ll get an exact copy of
the existing scoring system - you just need to change the name.

Now, when you click ‘Score series’ you’ll get the option of which to
apply and you can apply one for the KYC ratings and another for PHRF
ratings. Yes that is a couple of extra steps but everything is all in
one Sailwave file and I think that will give you the displayed info that
you want.