Publishing a result sending an e-mail - SMTP configuration

I’m trying to configure the SMTP at the Global Options, to send the results per e-mail at my gmail. But there is an error message coming, FILE NOT FOUND. Can you help me to configure this for my gmail.

Thanks for your help.

Walter Boddener

Hi Walter,

Taken from the Sailwave website is this

NOTE:- As a lot of antivirus programs don’t like the fact that Sailwave can send emails directly they have been generating false positives that the program is a virus, for this reason and also that many people now use web based mail, the install does not contain the files necessary to send emails. If you require this function you can download the following zip file and unzip it to the same directory that contains the Sailwave.exe typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave\

However, the way I would recommend sending results as emails these days is to use the publish to a file on my computer/network option when you publish and then send that file with the email interface of your choice

Hope that helps Jon

Thanks Jon for your answer, this helps a lot

Hi Jon, thanks for your response, it helped a lot.