Publishing fleet results to different HTML files

What is the best way of stripping individual fleet results out of a set of results and publishing them to different HTML files? The fleets have different web pages and there is an overall result.
Presently I only know to re-score the series (from overall to by fleet ) and then publish each fleet individually editing the filename every time. This causes significant admin and chance of error (with me doing it).
Sorry if this is already covered but my search has not turned up a suitable answer.
Is there an ‘easy’ script or something?

Hi Paul
If you score by fleet then you have the ability to publish just a single fleet
Then I would save it as a file

You can then click the browse button and you see the previous files you have saved so just a single click on the file name - it is really very quick and efficient and not really prone to issues.

You could, of course, write some script to take the results and split it into separate files but that would be far more trouble in my opinion.

Thank you Jon,
I hadn’t seen saving as a file so they can be FTP’d afterwards. This looks quicker/less prone to error as the upload file name is the bit I’ve forgotten to change a few times.
Excellent program