Publishing one design and handicaps

Searched for this answer and find requests for this feature from 8-10 years ago but can’t find anything since.

I’d like to publish a results summary (by PDF) that shows the grid of one-design race finishes without individual race tables and on the same sheet lists individual race tables of handicap fleet races. Is this possible?

Hi Mike

If I understand correctly what you are asking for is

Publish a summary table for one design fleets without individual races
and then
a summary table of the handicap fleet with individual races
and you want it as a pdf

Is the attached pdf something like what you want

This was produced by publishing like this


This displays the results in a browser in my case Microsoft Edge

Then right click and select print

Select the Print as save to PDF and select the pages you want 1,2 and 8 onwards in this case
Click save and you have a PDF with the format you wanted

Hope that helps


Sailwave results for Catamaran Open Meeting 2023 at Mumbles Yacht Club 2024.pdf (471 KB)

That’s interesting. Basically a workaround by eliminating the pages you don’t want, right?

Correct - simple but effective

Personally I prefer the results in html as they can be interactive and you can use the effects like scoredseparatelymatrixv2 to give something like this

File attached
you can modify the script yourself to show only races for Handicap if you wish
Or any format you like

You could create an effect to remove individual race tables of one-designs if you wanted to effectively automating the bit in the previous email


blw94C4.htm (59.5 KB)

Good suggestions, thanks!