Publishing results question

Hi, I am new to using Sailwave.
I am having problems publishing to my default brouser for printing…
I keep getting a pop up message saying…
“The Code execution cannot proceed because
AppVlsvSubsytems64.dll was not found
reinstalling this may fix the problem”

Any idea how to solve this please ?


Hi Colm,
Sorry to hear you are having difficulty publishing. From a quick Internet search this appears to be a Windows problem not Sailwave problem. But my search does not come up with a solution I would recommend trying.

Are you using Windows 10?
Does any other application you use have the same problem?

Sorry I cannot be more helpful at present.
Kind regards,

Hi Huw,
Yes, windows 10.
I didn’t think it was a Sailwave problem, but had hoped someone may have come across this before here…
I haven’t come across this on any other application… I’ll keep digging for an answer…


Hi Colm,
That is not an error I’ve seen before.
Could you please give us a few more details
What is the operating system and build?
What is your default browser?
I would be interested to know if you have a .htm or .html file and double click it in Windows Explorer. What happens it should open in your default web browser. If not there is something wrong with the configuration or your OS

A Google comes up with this which would be the route to go if we can not fix it after you have answered the above questions


Hi Jon
The operating system is windows 10, and a Lenovo PC
I usually use Firefox as browser
Sorry but I don’t know what you mean by .htm or .html


Hi Colm,
A .htm or html file is a file that is HyperText Markup Language. The language used to describe a web page.

If you goto the results page of the Sailwave site you will see a lot that have been uploaded by users.

Choose one of these and click on it and the results will be displayed in your browser.
then right-click on the displayed page and select Save as


This will download the file to your computer. Now open Windows Explorer and navigate to the file you downloaded and double click it.
It should open this in your default browser. Let us know what happens.

Jon Eskdale

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07530 112233

Hi Jon,
did that, it downloaded as a .HTM file, but wont open, I am getting the same message as before…the AppVlsvSubsytems64.dll one.


Hi Colm - I would suggest that you may need to do a repair of your system as per the Microsoft link in my first reply

As well as Edge, do you have another Browser, e.g Chrome, Firefox, Opera?

Can you open a .htm file with one of those ? Or install one of them.

Thanks for the help all,
I have it sorted now, I did the full Microsoft repair and changed the default browser to Edge…all good !

Thanks again.

Hi Colm,

Good to hear you have successfully sorted out your problem and thank you for updating this thread.

Kind regards,