Publishing to more than one FTP site

Hello forum members, does anyone have a (preferably neat) solution to publishing results to 2 different FTP sites (different clubs)? I’m hoping for something more user friendly than just changing the site details in the global options.

An ideal solution, for a future release, would be to be able to enter the details for more than one site in the global options, and then either be able to mark the relevant active site, or, better still, choose the relevant site at the time of publishing - from the same screen as the method of publishing is chosen.

But anything with what is possible in in ver 2.30.02 or 2.34 would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Julian,

Welcome back to the SUG.

Sailwave supports the use of calling an installed application in the list of ‘Destinations’ on the second publishing window. The following is from the Sailwave User Guide, which may useful:

Sailwave versions prior to 2-29-0 do not support SFTP (Secure FTP) internally but it is possi-
ble to publish to an external program. This external program will be a windows batch file,
that using another piece of installed software, will transfer the HTML results file Sailwave
generates via SFTP to the configured server.
The SFTP details are towards the end of the instructions at
Sailwave and sending files by SCP or SFTP |
Sailwave version 2-29-0 includes fully integrated support for SFTP, SSH and FTPS. In addi-
tion, a new FTP uploader for publishing results directly to your website is included. Previ-
ously it was only possible to publish to your own club, class or event website if they sup-
ported FTP, but many are no longer supporting the insecure FTP and require SFTP or SSH be
used. The documentation can be viewed online at Upload of published results FTP SFTP SSH FTPS | Sailwave

There are several ways that uploading results files to more than one location can be
For two destinations, one destination could be configured on the FTP tab of Global options
and the other would be configured in a batch file as outlined in the previous section. This
solution requires the results to be published twice: -
Sailwave User Guide & Reference Manual 2020
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Page 135 of 203Tips & Tricks
•once using the publish destination “A website using FTP” which uses the information
entered on the FTP tab of Global options
•once using the publish destination “An installed application” where the application will
be the batch file created using the information in the Secure FTP section above
It is possible to create one windows batch file that uploads to all the required websites.
This will be left as an exercise if required!
Publishing to all required locations as part of one process does ensure that the same pub-
lished file is delivered and available from all locations. Thus, ensuring any time/date stamp
included as part of the publish process in Sailwave is the same; no Jury Chairman question-
ing which is the correct version of the results!
A more sophisticated solution can be set-up, and has been, where the results are published
to a single server – either by FTP or using a shared folder – and the server does the transfer
to the required destination(s). This makes configuration of the PC’s running Sailwave:
•easier and more robust
•reduces the complexity of the publish process on the Sailwave PC’s
•eliminates the chance of forgetting to publish to one or more websites
•ensures the same file is published to all required destinations
•increases security as only one device has the access/authentication credentials of the
club and/or class and/or event/regatta websites

I hope this may be of use whilst there is only support of one FTP ‘set-up in Global options’.

Kind regards,

A while back Jon helped be set up 2 Registry files for each of my clubs so All the global options (ftp and fike locations etc) are independent and I have 2 desktop shortcuts to call sailwave with required registry file, works really workswell. I can give more details when back home.

The suggestion I sent to Keith was

Hi Keith,

One solution would be to use the registry editor to save the Sailwave settings


Then update your ftp settings and save again changing the name of course

Then create 2 batch files that restores the required Registry settings and starts Sailwave.



This may be enough info for you but I’m sure Keith will give you some details of his implementation

If you would like more info from myself please let me know



Many thanks all,

I was thinking that modifying the relevant registry files might the the way to go, but haven’t looked into the details yet. Any working examples would be most welcome.

Regards, Julian.

Hi Julian, Here is 1 of my batch files - user and pass word edited
Set up FTP details in Sailwave the find encrypted values in registry to pop into batch file.

Note ** If the encrypted values have a "/ " in them give me a shout as you need to fiddle it a bit (one of mine did have a the forward slash!!)

REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sailwave\Options” /t REG_SZ /v Ftppassive /d “1” /f
REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sailwave\Options” /t REG_SZ /v Ftpserver /d “” /f
REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sailwave\Options” /t REG_SZ /v Ftpbase /d “” /f
REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sailwave\Options” /t REG_SZ /v Ftpuser /d “HxxxxxxxxxxxxxSINQYR” /f
REG ADD “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sailwave\Options” /t REG_SZ /v Ftppass /d “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPO” /f
Rem Start command means program start and batch file closes Nb - First param is Title hence " ".
START " " “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sailwave\sailwave.exe”

Hi Keith, Brilliant, so easy! Perfect!

Our FTPpass does not include a ‘/’, but incase the other clubs does could you please pass on the tip to handle that character. Does it need doubling-up, or wrapped in back ticks or something similar?

Thanks again.


These are my notes from the batch file where the password had a backslash in the encrypted value.

Hope it make sense

REM Warning**************
Rem Had to remove 1 of the back slashes in following command for USER Registry export & import has to use 2 slashes and slash is
Rem SODS law that the encrypted Username has a slash in it!!!
REM an escape character in Reg commands
Rem Fine if importing the file but not if using Reg in a batch file like this…
Rem Make sure you eyeball the registry before and after while testing, Or paste values from registry rather then from exported file.