Publishing to Web Site


I’ve an example under 1.93 Build 3

Were the changes introcuced after this version?

Just an example of very light files using javascript on (1.93 kB)

The file is very small, the results are in a separate file
(3.65 kB) as the same results are also published on other places with different lay-outs, see (0.9 kB),nd there is also a file functions.js in both results directories of the web sites (14 and 17 kB), but they could be included in the as a function, and the style sheets .css are common to many other pages… but the relevant part is very limited.

There is no significant gain with such a limited number of boats, but the variable part does not exceed 0,18 kB per boat… son a full package for 100 boats should be approx 35 kB…



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Colin Jenkins


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Hi Philippe,

Can you take a set of results from the latest Sailwave version and show me what you mean with a small before and after example. Or do you mean link to the style sheets rather than incorporating them inline…? Currenty the style section is tiny - much smnaller than earlier versions of Sailwave… What did you have in mind WRT javascript. To date I’ve tried to balance simplicity with size so that there are not any browser dependent issues…


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Broadband ma be slow for upload, sometimes not faster than a standard ISDN.
For upload, you could use the free FTP software Filezilla ([](    ), and compare the upload times...
For me, a weak point of sailwave is that there is a poor use of cascading style sheets, so the same style could be defined deveral times with the same description and different (long) names...
This could be an improvement, even if download is not really affected, at least for those who are no longer unsing a conventional modem connection. 
There was a similar problem in the Frenche software FReg, and I made a propsal to organise the use of the style sheets, reducing the file size by 40 to 60%, a another proposal using javascript reduced the size by a further 50%, but was never developed. 

Philippe De Troy

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From: Alan Jones


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  Why not just use the built-in FTP functionality. The way you are
  doing it seems to be using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut if you

are simply uploading the results pages only.

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Our Club publishes Sailwave results to a web site using

The site is made with Dreamweaver. With only two small logos at

head of the page the results seem to take a very long time to

A typical class would be up to fifteen boats on a PY handicap

and I upload that evening’s race together with the cumulative

table. At a regatta type event I would be publishing 3 or 4
races with

the overall table.

Is this likely to be a problem with our system locally, we are on
broadband, or do these software programmes not handle Sailwave


Any sensible suggestions welcomed.


I just publish our results direct from Sailwave. Works fine (and
fast) for us.
Mike Croker
Lancing SC (