Pursuit Racing Scoring

Hi Colin,

I have been scoring our Clubs winter pursuit series using sailwave.
I have entered the start times in as a rating so I can publish a
start list(in Sail No. order and Start Time order)each week.
I have been entering the start times for each boat manually which
does require a little extra effort.

When you develop this area of Sailwave a function that may assist
sailwave users is to include a function to convert ratings into
start times (automatically populating the start time field for each

I have been scoring the our pusuit series on "Place" however the
competitors like to see their elapsed time on the results, so before
I publish I enter competitor finish times (without scoring) and
change the view to scored points. Once again this does take a little
extra effort and when you do develop this area it might be helpful
to add an option to score the series as a "Finish Time" rather than
just "Elapsed Time" or "Finish Place".

Hopefully we will then be able to include average speed of each

If anyone is interested the results are posted on the Clubs website