PYOnline - Error 400

Anyone know if the PYOnline system is up and running this morning? I thought I’d try to upload our results now the season is over but all I get is an error 400.

I’m using the latest version of Sailwave (2.30.02) but haven’t done this upload in a long time so it may be user error but no idea what to look for.



Yesterday I received this message. I was using a newly refreshed Windows PC.
I reverted to using a laptop that in previous years had successfully uploaded to PYOnline. It worked correctly.
The difference was that I had used an incorrect “RTA affiliated club ID” on the refreshed PC - a 7-digit number.

I hope your problem is as simple as this.

Thank-you - that was the issue - the pre-filled box had only a partial ID. I deleted it and pasted in the ID from the PYOnline email and it worked first time.