PYOnline shows 0 competitors in uploaded/imported races

Hi All,

I’m trying to upload our 2023 result to PYOnline and then import with mixed success. Two of the series uploaded & imported perfectly and the others state that they have uploaded OK but when you go to import, the race is showing as imported but there are 0 competitors. When you check the race data there isn’t anything! I have checked dates and start times etc

BTW - I am using the latest version of sailwave!

Before I go back to Leon at the RYA, have any of you had a similar issue or any suggestions as to what might be amiss?

Any help gratefully received


Hi Mike,

First when you say you are using the latest version of Sailwave - Which version is it? - only I have the latest version :grinning:
some have 2.31.0 some have 2.30.2 some have 2.29.0
Would recommend using 2.30.2

If you would like to share the file that has the issues either here or by email I’ll have a look at it for you


Hi Jon - currently using 2.30.2 (updated it on Sunday last!)
I’d happily share but as a newbie am not allowed…will work out how to email and send one of the offending files across.


Hi SUG Members,

Jon had another user asking about upload data to PY Online showing 0 (zero) competitors. The user was uploading older data from Sailwave files he had been sent. The issue in this case was the series had no start & finish times or elapsed times in any of the races, only place finishes.

This can be checked most quickly by selecting the Finishes view from the drop down list on the toolbar:

Using this view will show finish/elapsed time and number of laps if they have been entered for each competitor

If you have a series where there may be a mixture of races, i.e some on handicap and some on place finish (perhaps a pursuit race), I suggest you only upload the races that have finish/elapsed times.

This issue has raised another potential regarding the scoring of multiple fleets in one Sailwave file where some are scored using a rating system and some are scored on place finishes. This may occur when using ‘Aliases’ where the primary fleet is using rating system and ‘Aliased’ competitors are scored on place finishes. For example Solo’s sailing mixed handicap fleet but have been aliased so can have set of class results.

I hope it all makes sense and I will be emailing RYA on what has been found.
Kind regards,