Query - Team ranking

(I’m using SW 1.94 b 27)

We’ve just had an interclub regatta, scored on handicap and used Sailwave’s team prize scoring tool to determine the winning club. Two of the clubs had several entrants each but one had but one. N was set to 6 and the figure for missing competitors was set to 26 (there was a total fleet of 25).

The tool gave correct scores for the full teams, but a low score for the team of one. An analysis of this figure shows that it consists of the single entrant’s score plus only one extra, i.s.o. 5. It could be ‘fixed’ by setting the `missing’ figure to 5*26 = 130.

I didn’t see anything on the history of any changes in this function in any of the later builds (28, 29).

Apart from this, I would have preferred if the tool could have chosen the best N in each race, i.s.o. the best N overall. But I suppose that would mean a more complicated programming algorithm? In our event, this did not really matter for the final outcome, though.

Any comments, suggestions?

Malcolm Osborne
Sedgefield, South Africa