Question after helping at topper worlds

Last week i ended up helping Seamus scoring the Topper worlds and we ran into a couple of issues and wondered whether anyone has any suggestions

The basic setup was a Qualifying series (coloured flights) and final series (Gold/Silver). On one day the Gold sailed 3 races and the silver 2.

The Qualifying series was simple and was set up to use fleets and starts assigned to fleets.

We then allocated flights for the final series using the flights field.

  1. Checking results

    The results were entered using the Sail Number Wizard to enter the results. During the qualifying series Seamus checked the results by displaying Finishes (place/elapsed-time/finish-time/code) and sorting them and then checking them. Once we moved to the final series using flights we couldnt display the entered results in the order since the display included the first letter of the flight and they are sorted by that ie G 1 G 2 S 1 G 3.

I can think of an easy way of achieving this without another “viewing” option. Does anyone have any better ways of checking the results they entered for large regattas?

  1. Using SailNumber Wizard when fleets sail different number of races.

On the last day the First start was the 4th final race for the gold fleet and 3rd final race for the silver fleet. Ideally we would have used the Sail number wizard to enter the results and have them allocated like that but there is no way i can think of without seperating the results and entering each fleets results seperatly. If they are entered together both fleets show as being race 4 when really it is race 3 for the silver fleet.

I can’t think of any way to solve this without making it more complicated and somehow saying which starts rather than races are being entered.

Thanks for any suggestions.