Rating Systems


One of the things I want to do soon after releasing v37 is to generalise the
rating systems into a rating system library. It was convenient to hardwire
things at first but it is now too restrictive. The fields I have identified
as required are as detailed below. If you would like to see further fields
please feel free to comment.

Short name: e.g. "RYAPY". This is the string that'll be logged in a series
to lookup a rating system. The string will not be seen anywhere - it's just
a handle.

Long name: e.g. "RYA Portsmouth Number Rating System". This is the string
that'll appear when selecting a rating system.

Column name: e.g. "SCHRS". This is the string that appears in the column

Description: A description of the system.

Corrected: a formula to calculate corrected time from elapsed time. e.g. (e
* 1000) / r.

Min Value: a minimum value for the rat sys so that Sailwave can warn the

Max Value: ditto but max.

Percentage: a percentage value that all corrected time should be within
relative to the fastest time if the data is entered correctly. e.g. 15%.
This is so Sailwave can warn about possible data entry errors.

GovBody: The governing body of the rating system.

GovWeb: The web site of the governing body.

GovEmail: The generic email address of the governing body.

Ftp: A URL to a file/script that can be used to update the values of this
rating system into the rating library.

Notes: Any other notes

Logo: A URL to the rat sys logo.

The values for ISAF Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System for example may


ISAF Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System
A mainly European used parametric system similar to Texel.

Not liked by iF20 sailors!

If the rating system library is saved as a CSV file it'll be easy to extend
the fields later...


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