Ratings change on series even though they have not been sailed yet

I started a new series and so far only the first two races of a total of 10 have been raced. However when you look at the 'ratings" it lists ratings for the entire series and they keep changing for the boats that raced on the first two throughout the next 8 races. Why is that if they have not even been raced yet?

This doesn’t sound correct - if you could share you Sailwave file .blw I’ll have a look for you


2022 Fall Series Sailwave.blw (86.7 KB)

Only four boats competed in the first two races - Cookie Monster, Duet, Contrails and Sharyn-Leigh but when you display the ratings view their ratings change even though the races have not yet happened. Also look at Tantrum, which has not even raced yet and their rating also changes. What I am doing wrong?

Hi Eduardo - a couple of things
I can see there are lots of ratings in races that have not taken place but the only way they could be there is if you copied the file from a different series and cleared the results out. If you copied from a different series then you should have deleted the races and then created new races rather than clearing the results. I did delete and create the races and it is fine there are no ratings in those races when you score.
The other important thing is you are not scoring by fleet. If you are scoring NHC then you must use score by fleet

You can have the class and the fleet the same just use the Tools - set competitor field to copy them.
I’m assuming you intended to score them as separate fleets and not all one fleet
But as you only have 2 boats in each fleet there will be no change made to any of the ratings as NHC rules specify there must be a minimum of 3 boats for the ratings to be adjusted.
Hope that helps

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your response and your help! I did indeed copy a previous race series and just cleared the entries instead of deleting the race. That fixed that problem. I also copied the Class to Fleet and now scoring by fleet.

Quick question - is there a way for the boats that are racing to “judge” more or less how they are doing during the race? When using PHRF you would know that you owe a competitor x amount of seconds/mile so you can kind of tell how you are doing. I don’t know if that is possible with NHC.


Hi Eduardo - you are very welcome.
NHC is just the same as any other handicap race. The New Rating will be the handicap for the next race, that is the race that is currently taking place, so as long as they know what their new rating and their competitor’s new rating, then they can workout /estimate the amount of time they have over the other competitors. The only issue is when races are being run back to back the second or third race would be difficult to gauge if the results of the previous race haven’t been published.