Ratings file not loading TCF

George Morin here. I score for Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet in NH. We have tried Tod, ToT, and PY. We are currently using ToD. We have a proposal to use ORR EZ before us. We are trying to score 2022 ToD results with ORR EZ and compare the results. I am having difficulty using rating files with TCF. My feeling is I am probably overlooking something simple. I did score with PY for a couple of years and used rating files regularly.
He is my setup:
Sailwave version 2.29.01
I am using cruise2022_EZtstX.blw
User interface - wind indexed ratings checked
Global option My rating - pointing to the folder with my ratings file – EZ random w Rhodes 19 Harbor 20.csv
Scoring system:
Edit scoring system – scoring system name- TCF ORR EZ
Rating system - TCF
X use wind indexed rating values
Pull down menu:
Ran V lt, ran LT, ran med, ran hvy
Defining a random course ( ie triangle, windward ) with the four wind ranges - similar to PY random course V LT ( very light winds ), ran LT ( light winds ), ran med ( medium winds) , ran hvy ( heavy winds ).

After scoring, Clicking on ie R4 1 position, edit competitor or result, the wind indexed numbers are not populated as they are in PY and under result the wind indexed numbers are not populated & the ratings for this race is not correct. I have been able to manually score by entering the EZ TCF numbers in the bottom rating box, & selecting use until the next race rating is specified.
I have tried using different class names, removing the leading zero in the wind rating ie 0.292, and tried scoring with Auto set competitor ratings off, and on.

Attached: cruise2022_EZtstX.blw
ratings file – EZ random w Rhodes 19 Harbor 20.csv
Scanned copy of 2022 ORR-Ez certificate for Harbor 20, and Rhodes 19 and copy of ratings file.

I would appreciate any advice to get my ratings file implemented with TCF.

Thank You,


cruise2022cc_EZtstX.blw (24.7 KB)

Rating file –EZ random w Rhodes 19 Harbor 20.csv **note will not upload a .csv file ratings file scanned and sent in the attached .pdf file

Sailwave file - cruise2022_EZtstX.blw
ORR – EZ ratings information non spinnaker Rhodes 19, and Harbor 20 – ORR-EZ ratings ratings file.pdf
ORR-EZ ratings ratings file.pdf (1.7 MB)


Hi George,

Can you please check your email spam folder, as I replied to the email you sent direct to me on 4th January with a quick reply on same day and longer one on 5th January.

Kind regards,

Hi George,
The following is the information that was in the email I sent in reply to your email on 5th January.

Hi George,

As promised yesterday I have now had a chance to look at the files you sent me.

When I looked at the Sailwave file the Wind Indexed Ratings box for a competitor was empty, which told me something was not working correctly.

I will start with the CSV rating file. Unfortunately your file was not in the correct format for Sailwave - attached is version that works :grin:

Your version of the file was missing a column, you are missing the default rating column after the boat class/type column and before the list of wind indexed ratings.

You can check if the ratings file has been read correctly by pointing to a ratings folder in Global options on the Folders tab that only has your single ratings file within it. You will have to exit and re-open Sailwave for Sailwave to pickup the new ratings folder location and read the ratings file. Once you have done this you then click Help on menu bar and select Log book. The log file will show what rating files have been read and how many ratings have been successfully read.


Once I had the rating file being read I moved on to the Sailwave file. All I did was make one change on the Ratings tab of Scoring system so that Sailwave when scoring the series auto-updates the ratings, as I said yesterday.

I then scored the series and as far as I can tell things look OK.

I hope all that makes sense. I am here if you need further explanation / help.

Kind regards,


Hi Huw,
Thank you for solving my problem with rating files. I did test with a ratings file with defaults last week. It did not populate the wind fields. I felt at the time the default field only applied to PY for D -PN and moved on to testing with rating files without the default field, trying some with Auto set competitor ratings checked , and some without auto checked, they did not work. In retrospect I think the rating file with the default fields failed because I did not have restarted Sailwave or did not have the auto set competitor ratings checked when I tried it. thank you for pointing out the log book to me. It is a great trouble shooting tool.