Ratings file

Funny quirk with a new installation of 2.28.1 on Linux Mint under Wine - Sailwave complained that the ratings folder does not exist (under Program Files) . Exploring via Nautilus, I found that was true, but this folder was there in c:\users\Public\Documents\Sailwave, with the RYAPN.csv file.

Copying the folder across to Program Files made SW happy. I could also have just changed the link in Global options to point to the Documents folder, instead.


Malcolm Osborne
Rondevlei, South Africa

Under Windows the program files directories are not generally writable in later versions of Windows. So the ratings folder is now in a sub folder of the public documents folder. This is to allow easy writable access.

There is a ratings folder off the sailwave public documents folder and the sailwave setup global options folders should be pointing to this folder



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