Ratings library

I have the 2001 dinghy PY library if it is any use to anyone. I
created it in Excel. Below is the method for creating it:

Go to the PY section of the RYA website, and highlight the classes
required. Copy and paste these into Excel. You should get a
separate cell for each value. Delete everything bar class name,and
PY number. In the column to the right of the PY number type PY and
copy it all the way down for all classes. In the next column type
the following formula:


Where C2 = PY (text)column C and row 2
A2 = Class name column A and row 2
B2= PY number (number)column B and row 2
(first row of data in my spreadsheet is 2)

you should now have the following:

"PY","Class name","PY number","" which is the correct format for the
rating text file.

Copy and Paste into Notepad and save as something like xrating.

In program files/sailwave you can rename the current rating file to
yrating and your xrating to rating. This will now hold all the new

If you would like my dinghy one then e-mail paul@recognition-
express.com and I will send it.


Paul Bartlett