re - DNC wont work for me

It appears that you are not familiar with the bonus points system - it isn't
used so much these days.

In this system, 6th place gets 11.7 points. DNC gets points for 7th place,
i.e. 13 points.
Similarly 13th place gets 19 points, DNC gets 20 points.

Malcolm Osborne
Benoni, South Africa


STU (sonatcrew) wrote:

I had a good look through the posts but couldn't see this - apologies
if i missed it or I am missing something trivial.

I have a series with 2 fleets in that use the bonus points system and

I have a competitor file that contains all the boats and I exclude
everyone until they take part in 1 race of the series.

Everything works fine: people score the correct points and DNF's
score "number of finishers plus 1".

The problem:

DNC is supposed to score "Boats in series +1" but for both fleets it
scores "Boats in series + 1 + 6" for both fleets.

I have no idea where this 6 comes from.

FLEET 1 has 6 entrants - but DNC scores 13
FLEET 2 has 13 entrants - but DNC scores 20

which means that both are over by 6 points.

Have i missed a check box or misinterpreted one?

Thanks in advance