re - Team Racing and Rinderle B


Sailwave can do your junior school team racing, scoring with Rinderle / high point, by school, but you must do each class in a separate sailwave file. Then do Publish / Team Scoring, with 3 per school team.

I don't think Sailwave can do your high school scoring in the way required.

Malcolm Osborne
Sedgefield, South Africa



Hope someone will be able to clarify this situation for me.

We are running an interschool regatta this weekend and have always used Sailwave for the scoring. Results are then exported into Excel where final results are tabulated using macros. I'd prefer if Sailwave can do it all.

Junior school teams consist of 3 sailors in the same class (and school) to make up a team. Final results are a total of all three sailors results for all races.

High school team consists of 2 sailors in the same class, but the final result is made up of 2 sailors from the same class AND the next best sailor from any other class. Of course all three must be from the same school.

Any ideas or suggestions most welcome.