Relative path names for publishing results

In a previous thread there was reference made to an application called ToFile.exe for enabling relative path names in the “publish” menu option. The file doesn’t appear to be available from that location on dropbox any longer. I would like to use this feature if it is still available. Can anyone help please?

The original post is here:



There is a link to the file. Can’t remember much about it so if you need anything let me know and I’ll refresh my memory


Thank you Jon. That has worked a treat!

Just in case anyone else is interested in using the ToFile application…

  • I had problems initially with AVG not wanting to allow access to this file (to be expected!). I ended up replacing AVG (its card was already marked!) with Bitdefender and had no further antivirus software problems.

  • The application works with relative file paths below the .blw file. eg.
    ToFile .\results
    but I couldn’t get it working with side by side file paths. eg.
    ToFile …\results (with two dots, not three!)

Not a big problem, just something to think about before designing your file layout!

Many thanks for your help, Jon.