Reloading PYs in an existing set of competitors


So we have a list of all club boats / owners pre loaded ( and excluded if no results ). And just carry that forward series to series, that works well.

Except when PY changes.

As we need to refresh the PYs.

And I can’t remember how as it has been 2 years ( didn’t do that last year due to lockdown).

I thought there was an option somewhere to say use the rating file ( we customise our rating file to cover some club boats without PYs )

But now I can’t find that - only something saying load from Excel - but what is that?

Hi Alan,
It is very simple in the edit scoring system just tick this box shown

Then score the system this will cause all the ratings to be refreshed from the rating files

After the rescore, I suggest you untick the box so that you can manually adjust ratings if required
Let me know if you need anything else - The latest ratings are available from the Sailwave web site



I couldn’t see it for looking!

All sorted now for the Easter start up!!

I also managed to get SW running on Wine at home ( I don’t have any MS stuff ) I might rebuilt the club computer as a linux machine as Windows 10 is really killing eh old machine.

Welcome back Alan,

Out of interest what Linux distribution are you using? Also how easy did you find it to set up WINE and install Sailwave?

I have Sailwave running on Windows 10, and Linux distributions - openSUSE Tumbleweed, Linux Mint 20.1 and several releases of Ubuntu (16, 18 & 20) with varying versions of WINE. openSUSE Tumbleweed is always the most recently available and currently at WINE v6.3.

Kind regards,